Gau Sewa

In India serving cows is not only a religious practice but also has a cultural and scientific significance. According to Sanatan belief, 33 koti (type) deities reside in the Gaumata.

Cow dung that is Gobar is used in many ways across India. Besides, this cow’s urine popularly known as Gaumutra, also has its own religious and scientific importance. Gaumutra and Gobar protect against various infections, bacteria, and viruses.

Also, consuming cow’s milk increases the sattvic qualities. We also use other products obtained from cows like buttermilk, curd, ghee, and butter in some form or the other every day.

According to Ayurveda, many types of medicines can be prepared using these products.

‘Our entire life depends on the grace of Gaumata.’

by Mere Banke Bihari Foundation Trust

In our country, Gaumatas are being served in many cowsheds that is Gaushalas, but even today we see many Gaumatas roaming abandoned on the roads.

Even in Shri Vrindavan Dham, we can see this condition of Gaumatas in every street, which is heart-wrenching.

Keeping all these circumstances in mind, with the grace of Thakur Shri Banke Bihari Ji and Radha Rani Ji, ‘Mere Banke Bihari Foundation Trust’ is going to build a Gaushala, where all types of Gaumatas i.e. milk-producing cows, less milk-producing cows, dry cows, old cows, cows unhealthy, etc, will be served.

The other objective is to spread awareness regarding the importance of serving Gaumatas through the Gaushala.

It is a matter of fortune that from here the cow’s milk will be offered to Shri Banke Bihari ji every day as prasad.

Purana Vrindavan (Ancient Vrindavan)

वृंदावन रस भूमि में,रस सागर लहराए,
श्री हरि दासी लाड़ सो,बरसत रंग अघाय ॥

The atmosphere of this Gaushala is going to be similar to the “old and ancient Vrindavan”, where Kanha used to reside. In this ancient Vrindavan, there will be “Giriraj ji’s darshan”, and “Kalindi Kund” & there will be a virtuous and pure environment full of trees and plants.

One of the main objectives of this Gaushala is to teach children about the significance of Gausewa which is serving cows.

There will also be accommodation arrangements here where one can learn to serve Gaumatas with their family.


“कछु माखन को बल बढ़ो ,कछु गोपन करी सहाय|
और श्री राधे जू की कृपा ते याने गिरवर लियों उठाए॥”

Words can never be enough to describe the glory of Giriraj Govardhan ji in preserving the culture and nature of Braj.

Keeping this context, there will be the Giriraj Parvat’s (mountain) darshan in this Gaushala.


Yamuna Maiya cannot just be described as a river, it is considered to be the carrier of Braj’s culture and the basis of the tradition here.

It is said about Thakur ji’s consort, our Yamuna Maharani,

“चरण पंकज रेणुश्री यमुनेजुदेनी,
कलि युग जीव उधारन कारन…|”

Keeping this context in mind, a Kund (pond) will be constructed here in which there will be arrangements for bathing with Yamuna water.

Yamuna water will be used only after filtering.


Performing ‘Yagya’ is significant in our culture. There has been religious and scientific recognition of Yagya since ancient times.

Here, in this Gaushala there will be arrangements for performing Yagya, Havan, and Pooja according to the Vedic rituals for one’s happiness, peace, prosperity, and glory.

Here one can celebrate marriage ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with the family while receiving the blessings of Gaumatas.

The special thing is that for the first time, there will be arrangements to perform the marriage rituals in the presence of Gaumatas, that is by receiving her blessings.


Kutir- Bamboo Cottage

There will be accommodation to stay here, where you can stay and learn to serve Gaumatas in a virtuous environment while staying with your family.

The speciality of these rooms is that they will be constructed with bamboo in the form of cottages with modern facilities and amenities.


The most important thing for leading a sattvic life is to consume sattvic food.

Sattvic food is going to be served, which will be prepared in the kitchen here, keeping purity and hygiene as a priority.


GOPALA (₹ 21,000/-) 2 YEARS 25% Discount on accommodation.*
Free Hawan/Pujan**
GOVINDA (₹ 51,000/-) 5 YEARS 50% Discount on accommodation.*
Free Hawan/Pujan**
KUNJ SHREE (₹ 1,01,000/- & above) LIFETIME Free accommodation.*
Free Hawan/Pujan**

* For accommodation only maintenance charges will be applied separately.

** For Hawan/Pujan, Samagri (matierials) only charges and Dakshina will be applied separately



To become a “GOPIKA SHREE” i.e., Premium Member it is Mandatory to take a minimum of 3% or above of the Total Valuation Cost.

Total Valuation for KUNJ GAUSHALA-

Land Cost ₹ 2.5 Cr
Construction Cost ₹ 1.5 Cr
Total Valuation 2.5 + 1.5 = ₹ 4 Cr

The minimum amount for the “GOPIKA SHREE” i.e., Premium Member will be 3% of ₹4 Cr which is ₹12 lakhs.

After the discount, the “GOPIKA SHREE” (Premium Member) must pay ₹11 lakhs (at least).

Amounts of ₹11 lakhs and above can also be paid for the “GOPIKA SHREE” (Premium Membership).

The duration of the membership will be for a lifetime for the “GOPIKA SHREE” (Premium Membership).

Membership amount can be paid One (1) time or in Three (3) Installments within three months in the first ten days of the month.

  • Installment 1- Between 1st to 10th January 2024
  • Installment 2- Between 1st to 10th February 2024
  • Installment 3- Between 1st to 10th March 2024

Facilities for “GOPIKA SHREE” (Premium Members)

  • Free Accommodation.*
  • Free Hawan/Pujan at Gaushala.**
  • Free Birthday/Anniversary/other celebrations at the Gaushala.
  • Free Gaumata Adoption.***

* For accommodation only maintenance charges will be applicable.

** For Hawan/Pujan, only Samagri (matierials) charges and Dakshina will be applied separately.

*** For Cow Adoption, sewa charges will be applicable.